Friday, 4 March 2011

Vibe Lures

With the waters slowly warming, and looking towards the spring and summer months, I have recently tested out, and purchased some small vibe metals, and similar lures. I have found these lures are simply exciting to fish with, they cast well and give great feedback. There are variations in how they can be worked, and it's something I will be expanding upon, both in my light game approach and heavier. With a lot of these lures falling in the 2-10g bracket, the lighter approach I have developed into my fishing suits them well.

Ecogear VX 35 (35mm 3.5g)

 Ecogear VX 40 (40mm 5.0g)

Ecogear ZX 30 (30mm 3.5g)

Jackson Cymo (45mm 5g)

Jackson Cymo (45mm 5g)

Ecogear CX40HS deep diving hard-body crank (40mm 4.5g) 

Tiny-Trap lipless crank (45mm 3.5g)

The Ecogear and Jackson lures came from
The Tiny-Trap lure came from

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