Thursday, 17 March 2011

Daylight LRF - Mission Wrasse 17-03-2011

Morning conditions were perfect, minimal swell and very light winds. Decided it would be a good opportunity to try for some Wrasse with the LRF gear. Headed to the same spot I have had good success from recently, South Coast down in West Cornwall. Arrived at the stretch of coast I was gonna be fishing, wind had picked up slightly, but not a problem. Was fishing from low tide on the push.

LRF equipment - Nories Slow Retrieve 0.9-5g rod, with a Certate 2506. I played on the side of caution, following yesterdays PB Wrasse, and opted for a spool of 0.8PE with a 6lb Fluoro leader. Texas rigged a Reins Rockvibe 2" Gold Legend on a size 6 weedless hook, with a 3g sinker.

Fished the same methods as I did with the HRF, just scaled down. The small lure looked lost in the deep clear water, darting in and out of the thick kelp and boulders. A fish took the lure, I applied pressure and then the fun began! Line being taken, the rod had the biggest bend in it to date. The fish slowed up, and I began to gain, with strong runs in between. Managed to get it up away from the bottom, and the job of landing became easier. First Wrasse caught by me LRF, and a good size to start with, 39cm and 2lb 10oz.

Before I fished on, checked the leader, and it was heavily abraded, so tied an new one up. Carried on, very excited to have managed what I set out to do. Lost a few lures in the snags. Rigged up with a 3" SlugGo with a size 1 Texposer, 2g sinker. This lure took a couple of smaller fish in succession, and then another which I lost at the surface (bad angling, let of pressure as I was positioning myself to land the fish). 

Few more knocks, but found the SlugGo with the hook I was using a little harder to hook up with. Change of rig back to the 2" Rockvibe, this time a black one. Was not long till a solid connection, and the fun began again. Good fight on the light gear, before landing another Wrasse, this one was 38cm 2lb 5oz (you can just see the black Rockvibe poking out his mouth).

All in, my first Wrasse mission on the LRF gear was a success, and my first step into daylight LRF. Amazing how a tiny lure presented well in a big environment works so well. Really happy with how the rod performed, great confidence it can handle some bigger fish in the right conditions. Will definitely give it another go. 


  1. Awesome work there Paul.

    Must of felt great on the Nories LRF rod, that thing bends well in to a 10oz Pollack! Well done mate.

  2. Was good sport Matt, but not overpowering. Had to let the bigger one do it's own think for a little bit, but the set up was still able to bring him in ok. Will definitely be trying it again when conditions allow.