Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Return Of The Mack

Absolutely hate the song, but the Mackerel were in the bay this evening. Had a quick hours blast after a busy days work, enjoy the last of the days sunshine. Using the Branzino Urban Side Custom, paired with a Certate 2508R loaded up with Sunline Castaway 0.8PE (12lb).

Started out at the turn of the pushing tide, fishing an OSP DoLive 4.5" Crawler mounted on a 7g Ecogear Skip in the Shade jig head. Long cast out, couple of lifts, and started to get takes on the drop, resulting in the first fish landed.

Switched over to the hard plastics, and went with a DUO Bay Ruf SV-70. Ripping it up, making it vibrate, letting it fall back down, soon found the Mackies again as they moved around the bay. As the tide pushed in, switched up to a DUO Press Bait Kamuy, a supreme lure for searching the water column, and capable of doing so at extreme distance! The fish were loving the lure, and it accounted for a good handful over the hour, some coming in at a decent size, really motoring in the shallows as they were played in towards my rocky perch. Great fun short session and a good way to end the day.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Shorts & T-Shirt Fishing Is Here!

Glorious weather, calm clear seas, finally the chance to get out fishing in just t-shirt and shorts. No sweaty cumbersome waders, time to work on that tan! Fished with my Nories Jig Head Snapper and a Certate 2506 reel. Decided to go with the fantastic Sunline 0.6PE RockFish braid, and also took along a spare spool for the reel, with some Sunline FC Sniper fluoro mainline in 10lb.

Wanted to try out a new jig from MARS, a scaled up sorta version of the Illex B'eye I was using for the LRF styles last week. The MARS jig comes in at 7g, and you can rig it with various softs of your choice. Went with a Nories 4" Shrilpin, and first cast, I was into a fish, a Pollack, which came thick and fast over the whole session. Also mixed in, were the occasional Wrasse, as the jig made it's way to the bottom, bouncing over the mixed ground.

Switched over to a 10g Ecogear Iwashi jighead, rigged with a 4.5" OSP DoLive Crawler, and blasted it out far. Had a take on the drop, and the familiar shakes and runs of a Mackerel were transmitted down the rod.

Finished the session off with some Texas rigged softs. This is why I really love the Nories Jig Head Snapper, it's a superb softs rod, allowing you to fish light LRF styles, right through to heavier HRF rigs, doing the job very well across the whole range. Picked up a couple more Wrasse, before calling it a day.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Slow Going, But a Fish is a Fish

Fished the same spot as yesterday, conditions were different tho. The swell had dropped to nothing, with gin clear water, and strong offshore winds. Fishing the same set up, Daiko Spear 2-14g with a 2506 Certate with 0.6PE Sunline RockFish.

Continuing on with yesterdays success, went with the Nories Shrilpen rigged on a 1.8g Ecogear Bottom head, and also an Ilex B'eye 5g jig with an Ecogear 3" Sansun on the hook for tht little bit extra. In comparisson to yesterdays fish coming thick and fast, just the two Wrasse landed today.

One think I did see from up on my rocky perch, was a huge amount of bait fish milling around in shoals. Sand eels were there in numbers, big and small, as well as tiny fish in small groups, popping in and out of the weedy rock shelf. With the Wrasse bites turning off, decided to search the bay I was in with a DUO Bay Ruf SV-70. Was not long till I had a take, and my only Pollack of the day was landed. So a quiet session all in, but the conditions will hopefully change soon.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Fishing Light = Fishing Fun!

Fished West Cornwall this morning in the pouring rain. Building winds meant seeking shelter down a cliff at a deep water point. Fishing with the light tackle, Daiko Spear 8'3 2-14g rod, paired with a Daiwa Certate 2506 spooled with Sunline RockFish 0.6PE.

Started off with a Nories 2" Shrilpen mounted on a 1.8g Ecogear Bottom jig head. Casting out, I had a take from a Pollack on the drop straight off. This was to be the pattern of fishing for a good while, the Pollock taking the lure as it fell deep. Some good fights from them, making deep runs, going well for their size. Lost count of how many I had in the end.

Fishing closer range, allowing the lure to reach the bottom, I was able to pick up a few Wrasse, with small twicthes and long dead pauses. The Daiko rod was really bending into them as they scrapped in the rough grounds.

The little 2" Shrilpen was battered and bruised after a few fish fights, a new lure to me, todays testing going very well.

Another new lure and technique I wanted to try was the Ilex B'eye 5g, a small dressed jig with a sinle assist hook. I mounted an Ecogear 3" Sansun onto the hook, for a little more attraction. This small jig casts extrememly well. I used it on the drop and jigged along the bottom. Picked up numerous Pollack and a few Wasse on it.

Looking to get out fishing again tomorrow, weather is looking better, but the winds could be stronger, so will have to see where I end up fishing. One thing is for sure, still not seen any Bass down here yet!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Night Of The Jig

Fished Plymouth with Matt on the light gear, from evening light into darkness. We started out at at a spot where the deep water had a fast flow rate as the tide emptied our. Small metal vibs were being swept in the current to quickly, so the change was made to slim metal jigs, which were getting a chance to sink down. I was fishing with Sunline Small Game Fluoro, Matt was on the Sunline Rockfish PE. A few tentative knock soon converted into fish landed, with some Mackerel going for it in the fast flow.

Walking round to a small cove where the flow was minimal, as the light faded, the surface splashes increased as the fish fed off the top. Sight casting to where the action was happening, soon into a mix of decent sized Herring and more Mackies.

As darkness fell, we moved to a familiar Harbour spot closer to town. Meeting up with fellow light game enthusiast Mark, the calm surface was alive with fry, and the fish feeding were going for it. The surface was erupting with silver flashes, chasing the bait in and out. Fish were caught close in jigging, further out on the drop, non stop action for a good hour or so. We got to the point of hoping the fish shook the hook at the base of the wall, save lifting it up and unhooking! Using Jigs converted to a single hook instead of a small treble was really good, saved on time and fish damage. Mostly more Herring, but Matt had a really strong fight off a broad Mackie. All in, some great fun had.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New DUO Lures

Recently, I have been busy, really busy, too busy to fish in fact! This has been reflected in the lack of updates on the blog. This is set to change tho, with some quality fishing time coming up in the next few months, just as things start to warm up, with the reports of Bass being caught locally becoming more regular. So to get amongst the Bass, I have added a few more of the fantastic DUO lures to my collection.

DUO Realis Pencil 110 20.5g 110mm

DUO Beach Walker 120MD 20g 120mm

DUO Beach Walker 20g 110mm

DUO Moab 13g 120mm

DUO Beach Walker Vib 21g 100mm

DUO Beach Walker Vib 21g 100mm

DUO Tide Minnow 75S 9g 75mm

Really looking forward to testing the Beach Walker Vib's, as the smaller Bay Ruf SV70 vib has been producing fish well over the colder months. If you want to take a look at the full range of DUO lures, check out the English language version of their website HERE

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