Monday, 25 July 2011

Light Plugging, West Cornwall 19-07-2011

Miserable weather, heavy rain showers with drizzle in between. The wind however was forecast light, getting stronger in the day, so popped out for the high tide, fishing the drop down in West Cornwall.

Decided to go with some light plugging. Tackle choice was the Nories SeaBass Program 5-12g rod, with a Daiwa '10 Certate 2506 loaded with YGK 0.8PE braid.

Keeping mobile, working my way swiftly along rocks, first fish came from a Patchinko 100 off the top, small Pollock. Had around five or six in total over the session;

Switched lures often, and next to catch was the Duo Tide Minnow 90S, bringing in a small Bass;

Approached the part of the coast which is carved up with narrow deep gullies, stood at the back of the gulley, and worked an OSP Asura down it's length, hooked into a fish and the third species of the day, a Wrasse (also my first Wrasse on a plug!)

As the tide dropped back, switched over to the Patchinko again, for some distance casting. This lure works superbly on the Nories rod, so easy to get a nice walk the dog action, and I was able to cast my braid off down to the backing when required. When at distance, had a bar of silver take the lure off the top, and proceeded to go on a strong parallel run to the rocks. Few splashes on the surface, and then landed. Came in at just under 50cm, but forgot to weigh it! Also gave the video a quick demo on the Pentax Optio WG-1 GPS, and dunked it into the shallow rock pool I had the Bass held in;

Low tide signaled the end of the fish, and had no hits for a good half hour, so called it a day. Saw this nice fat seal chilling on a low tide rock, was funny as he lifted his head and tail every time a swell passed over the rock, trying not to get wet! Was the fourth seal I had seen over the session.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

LRF - Nice Bass 13-07-2011

Headed out to the same area as yesterday this evening, East of Salcombe. Fished an hour after high, from 1900hrs to 2100hrs on the dropping tide. Flat calm conditions, with only a slight breeze in the air.

Tacked up with the light gear this time, Nories Slow Retrieve 0.9-5g with a Daiwa '10 Certate 2506 loaded with 0.2PE Varivas braid. Started off using a Tict Caro, with a 12" leader to a 3" Slug-Go rigged weightless on a size 6 straight shank hook. Swiftly hooked a Pollack, followed by something with a bit more fight, a nice condition Bass landed;

From then on it was all about the Pollack, landed 19 in total, all around the same size. Many came from consecutive casts. The high catch rate meant I could try out various lures, from small SP's to the small metals and plugs. The Ecogear VX40 blade was working very well, and caught for the first time on the Tackle House Nabura Deka metal jig and the Ecogear CX40HS crank bait;

All great fun on the light gear, such an enjoyable way of fishing. Was hoping to find a few Mackerel but they were a no show, hopefully next time.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

New Species & My First Off The Top 12-07-2011

Headed out to an area East of Salcombe, and fished an area I regularly visit, but instead, headed in the opposite direction to similar grounds, that I had not fished from before. The sea was about as flat as it gets, now swell at all and a light offshore breeze.

I was using the Daiwa morethan Branzino Urban Side Custom (5-24g) paired with a Daiwa '10 Certate 2508 loaded with Sunline Castaway 1PE braid. Started out with a Zonk 120, and second cast into deep water, hooked into a fish. Strange fight, flash of silver, thought I had a small Bass. Then it jumped from the water a few times, and when landed, seems I had caught a Sea Trout. This is a new species for me. There were some tiny little lice type creatures on its body. 

Few more casts with the Zonk, and a Pollack landed. Switched over to a small OSP Asura lure, and had a pollack a cast for a while, as they nailed it from close in. Also took a few on a SP Carolina rigged. Took a total of 13 Pollack today on various lures.

Then I decided it was time for me to try out a surface lure. I have never tried it before, but with the delivery this week of a Xorus Frosty and a Patchinko 100, wanted to see what I was missing out on. These things really do cast well, took me a few goes to work out how to work it, but my WTD is now in it's early stages! Then when at distance, had my first take and fish off the top! Not what I was expecting, I landed a Mackerel on the Frosty;

Fished on, trying out the baby Patchinko, had numerous Pollack breaching and jumping at it whilst retrieved, some flicking the lure through the air. Manage to connect with a few, and landing around 4 Pollack off the top;

Have to say, I can see why a lot of people fish off the top, very addictive, and great fun when 2 or 3 fish are jumping around, slashing at the lure. Will deffo be trying for the Bass this way.

End of the session, decided to cast out a Dexter Wedge at distance, and was not long till I hooked and landed my second Mackerel of the day, finishing off a fun session. The terrain screamed Wrasse, but will save them for next time I think.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Boat Wrasse 11-07-2011

My neighbor has given me the use of his little Zodiac inflatable boat, just under 3m long, fully inflatable, pack away style, with a modern Suzuki 4stroke 4hp. Blew it up last night, and ran the engine up, just to check all was ok, as it had not been used for a couple of years.

Beautiful weather today, sunny, windless and flat conditions, perfect first outing with the boat. Roamed around Bigbury bay, trying a few spots, including one I usually fish at low tide for access. In the boat, I was able to fish it at high tide, and the Wrasse were there in numbers.

Tackle was the Nories RockFish Bottom Light 7-15g, '10 Daiwa Certate 2506 with 0.8PE braid, lures were various Nories SP's Texas rigged. Took a total of 10 Wrasse, nothing huge, with the biggest around the 3lb mark;

Was great fishing from the boat, everything at the fingertips, fishing in just board shorts (nice sun burn in the middle of my back from where I could not reach with the suncream!). Will deffo be taking it out again soon, think the effort of blowing it up/deflating and packing away is just about worth it! Wish I had taken a few pics of the boat set up, maybe next time. 

Monday, 11 July 2011

HRF Lands End Area 05-07-2011

Quick report - Fished this morning from high, on a dropping tide. 2-3' choppy swell running, rain clearing into sunny weather. Fished with the Nories Rockfish Bottom Light (7-15g), '10 Certate 2506 with 0.8PE YGK Gesox, and various soft plastics.

Fished an area which is full of these signs below, making it interesting work exploring and climbing about. Check whats underfoot!

Took 3 Pollack, all pretty good size. First two were taken on a Texas rigged 4.5" OSP Do-Live stick, and the third was taken on a Carolina rigged Nories 3" LadyFish. First fish was 49cm and 2lb 8oz, didn't measure the smaller second one, and the third fish came in at around 50cm and 2lb 8oz again.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Daylight LRF - Pollack & Wrasse + New Camera Testing 04-07-2011

Seeing as I broke my camera last week, today was the first outing with the new one. Decided a rugged waterproof camera was needed, due to the environment it's used in, with sea spray, waves and potential dunkings! Went for the Pentax Optio WG-1 GPS. Was a little apprehensive about the picture quality, as it is billed as a rough tough camera, but as you will see below, VERY happy with the results. Kept it basic on Auto, and tried the Macro and Macro 1cm distance functions out. Tough conditions for pics, with very bright sunshine all day.

Fished the dropping tide, at a West Cornwall rough ground mark. Lovely warm weather (shorts, no top and a chest pack make for interesting tan lines!), clear water, but far from ideal fishing, with the spring low, it was thick with weed, and the gullies I usually fish were dry.

Tackle of choice was the Nories Slow Retrieve SR74F (0.9-5g) '10 Daiwa Certate 2506 loaded with Varivas 0.2PE line. All fish were taken on the same lure, a 3" Slug-Go in black, Texas rigged on a weedless hook, with weighting from 1-3g used.

First fish was a pollack, decent size, taken on the drop. Really spirited fight on the light gear, possibly the biggest Pollack I have had to date. Came in at 52cm and 2lb 14oz;

From then on, it was all about finding the Wrasse. Had six in total, from about 2.5lb down to 0.5lb, all good fun on the light kit.

Macro setting on;

Macro setting on;

Macro setting on;

Macro 1cm setting on;

Found with the LRF kit, every fish that went for the lure, was hooked and landed, did not miss a bite. Camera seems up to the job, and it's peace of mind that it can be dropped, submerged, even take pics 10m under water if needed! Looking forward to exploring the functions a bit more. * I do run all my images through Photoshop, for cropping, and correcting levels - But I think it's obvious that the camera takes a quality shot*