Wednesday, 16 March 2011

HRF Personal Best 16-03-2011

Fished an hour after low on the flood, at the now usual stretch of South Coast, West Cornwall. Coming off a neap tide, with minimal wind swell, but a gusty North Easterly wind. Brilliant sunshine, fishing in a T-shirt, the water crystal clear. With the calmer conditions, was able to explore a stretch where the deep water is interspersed with large granite boulder gullies.

Started out slow, and then I lost two lures in consecutive casts, slowing me up further. Decided to move onto the next gully where the conditions were less snaggy. Hooked into and landed the first Wrasse of the day, sub 2lb at a guess so decided not to bother faffing about with measurements and weighing. Soon after, another similar size Wrasse landed.

Moved on to an area where the water was thick with kelp. Close in, good take followed by a nice fight, line taken and gained, and a decent bend in the Nories Rockfish Bottom Light rod (7-15g). Could feel this was a significantly bigger fish, and I upon landing it, was evident this would be the biggest fish I have caught to date, Wrasse or Bass! Weighed and measured, the figures came in at 47cm and 4lb 6oz. It was a real faff trying to measure this fish, uneven granite with a slippery ruler and an angry fat Wrasse do not mix! The photos are not the best either, but time was ticking with the Wrasse out of the water. Found a nice rock pool being fed by the surging tide, and spent a few minutes reviving the fish, before he was happy enough to swim off. 

Here is a pic of where I caught the above Wrasse, I was fishing from the flattish platform rock left of centre.

Moved on a couple of times more, and took a couple more Wrasse, again sub 2lb so no measurements. The second gave a really good account of itself for it's size.

Decided to call it a day, and retired the Nories Ladyfish 3.5" Glass Ayu lure, a little worse for wear, chewed up and scarred from the days action. All the fish were taken on this lure, seems to be a great soft plastic for the Wrasse. I had it rigged with a size 1 weedless hook, skinned, with a 9g sinker.

So another good session, the warming weather seems to have kicked the Wrasse into action, with multiple catches now per session opposed to the odd single fish here and there. The 4lb 6oz in my new personal best, by 1lb 3oz. 

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