Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ecogear Para Max Finds the Bass

Summer has returned for a day or two, and with smaller flooding tides, my new doorstep mark was a good option to squeeze in a bit of the old lure fishing. Seems mad that a mark, 10 mins walk from my actual front door has been overlooked all this time, a mark I had always dismissed out of hand before really trying it out. Still early days sussing it out, but 3 sessions without a blank is a promising start! So with the gear in hand, started off down my fields.

I arrived at the head of the Creek, the tide at the far end yet to push over the shallow muddy flats. The walk down to the end is easy enough at this state of tide, but when fishing the flood into darkness, a deep wade back under head torch light awaits, and depending on the size of tide, chest waders are a must if you want to stay dry above the waist.

My last couple of sessions had been done on the ultra light gear, but this time I was using the baitcaster set up. I REALLY enjoy using this bit of kit, regardless of whether I am making things more difficult for myself, I just find the style of fishing with it fun and new (to me!).  A Nories RockFish Bottom TR 7-21g rod, paired with the Shimano Calcutta 51DC spooled up with Sunline Castaway 1.5PE line. I had a practice throwing some plugs on this set up, and was pleasantly suprised, so more to come with that in the future.

Lure of choice was the Ecogear Para Max 5" on an Ecogear Skip In The Shade jig head. These Para Max lures are simply awesome, see them in the water, the 2, 3, 4 & 5" just come alive with the smallest movement. I was working the lure in the direction of the water flow, bringing it round some rocks into a deeper section of water, where the water slowed, a perfect ambush spot for predators. As the light in the valley faded, I had a take, fish on and landed, a nice little estuary Bass, the only fish from this short session.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

DUO Tetra Works Bivi Saves The Blank

Managed to grab a quick hour after a busy days work this week. Tide was just coming up to a spring high, so quick romp down the fields to fish the Creek on my doorstep. At the head of the Creek, there were many small Mullet, cruising the surface, making the water ripple in the last of the  evening light. As the estuary at the head of the Creek was starting to empty, made the deep wade along the edges, to reach the deeper channel where I would fish.

Fishing light with the Nories Slow Retrieve, opted for a light braid, with Sunline Small Game PE spooled up on the Certate 2506. The big high tide was emptying out, so the flow was strong. I wanted to use a small sinking lure, that would give a good attraction in the coloured waters, so opted to use the DUO Tetra Works Bivi (3.8g / 40mm vib). This little lure cast very well, as it's compact, and sinks nicely in the water column. Either a steady slow retrieve, or a subtle sink and draw method, you can feel the lure buzzing as it moves through the water.

As the last of the light faded, I had a tiny Bass take the lure, just as it dropped, following an upwards buzz. Quick pic and back into the flow, and I decided to make my way back up the Creek, wading by the light of my dim head torch, and scrabble back through the hedges to the fields and home.

DUO Tetra Works Bivi 3.8g / 40mm