Thursday, 3 March 2011


Placed a trial order through Rakuten for some Tict gear. The small quantity I ordered, along with delivery from Japan, UK VAT and handling fees made it expensive, but best to try these things first before committing to a bigger order.

Tict M-Caro Ver.II N-4.6g
Tict M-Caro Ver.II 3g
Tict M-Caro Ver.II 4g
Tict Caro Kabura brown
Tict Caro Kabura pink
Tict LaClip

Video showing the idea behind the presentation;

The shop I ordered through Rakuten was Axia Sports;

Will be trying them out tonight at the Plymouth LRF meet, but it's a technique I hope will be good for the Mackerel and species once the water warms a bit.

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