Friday, 15 February 2013

Sunrise Wrasse Mission

Early start to make the most of a spring high tide, saw me down on the rocks, overhanging some of West Cornwalls beautiful rough grounds. The weather was predicted sunny, last of a pumping ground swell surging through the clear water, it had been a while since I was able to fish this stretch of exposed coast.

It was the first outing in the salty stuff with the Major Craft Big Lake Custom rod, and I was looking forward to using its power on some Wrasse, who inhabit these granite boulder and kelp strewn waters. Paired with the rod was a Daiwa Ryoga 1016HL baitcaster reel, spooled with Sunline Castaway PE1.5 / 25lb. Rigged up a few Ecogear soft plastics, but the one doing the business today was the Ecogear Power Dart Minnow. Usually I rig this lure on the specific Power Dart jig head, but they are also effective Texas style, and the first fish today came from a drop shot rig.

The second fish was a decent size, my best Wrasse for a while. It gave me a chance to put a bend in the Volkey rod, and use its power to break the fish from its heavy cover. Shortly after landing this fish, the weather decided to change for the worse, as the Westerly winds picked up, and the swell increased, making conditions tricky, so called it a day.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

First & Last

Fished a short and sweet fresh water session today. Small morning weather window saw me shoot off with the Major Craft Bait Finesse rod, paired with a Shimano Calcutta 51DC loaded with some 10.3lb Sunline Siglon fluoro mainline.

Rigged up a 4" shad on a jig head, cast out into the deep water, waited till I felt bottom contact, then a slow retrieve, with the occasional pause. As the lure came into the Shallows, a take on the first cast resulted in a Pike on the bank.

Unfortunately, it was the case today, where the first cast resulted in the last fish of the session. I walked a short distance to where I have found fish to hold before, but nothing at home, with a variety of lures cast out into the water. As the forecast had predicted, the wind came up with some heavy rain, so called it a day. As I approached my car, I decided on one last cast, feeling ever hopeful. However I failed to spot my lure clipped a tree branch whilst powering out a cast, resulting in the worst backlash I have had to date. Nothing left but to try and sort it out back at home!