Friday, 24 February 2012

The Pike Hunt Continues

Fished a North Cornwall reservoir, with the hope of finding some Pike. Mild weather for February, with the waters surrounded in mist, bit of a breeze blowing. Scaling up slightly from my previous two excursions at this venue, fished with a Nories RockFish Bottom Light 7-15g 6'10 rod, with a Daiwa Certate loaded with Sunline Momentum 4x4 1.0PE (16lb). A selection of mid sized plugs, and today I took along a few softies with various jig heads.

Met up with Sean, just as I had begun fishing, and we both worked down one side of the reservoir. Sean had a couple of Perch bumping his lure beneath his feet, too small to get the hook up on his lure. We switched pegs, and I had a take from a Pike, as I jigged vertically in front of me. Was cool to see the Pike flash out and grab the lure. Quickly landed, the fish was small, probably the smallest Pike I have seen! Unhooked it an quickly returned without a pic. As we moved from spot to spot, we saw plenty of Pike holding up in the shallows, between the reed beds, but no interest in the lures.

I moved on to target the stream that flows off the weir pool at the dam. For this I used various ultra light plugs from DUO, working them in and out of the shallow flowing waters, letting them pause in the deeper pools, where the small Brown Trout and Perch were holding. Had a nice handful of fish on these excellent little plugs, the two lures working best were the DUO Spearhead Ryuki 45S and the DUO Tertra Works Bivi.

Back on the Pike hunt, down the opposite side of the reservoir, caught up with Sean, just as he was bringing in a Pike, so I was able to get a couple of pics. Shortly after he had another take, from a much larger fish, putting a good bend into his rod, but unfortunately the hook lost it's hold, and the fish was off. After that, it was time to head back to the cars, and the hunt will continue another day.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cornish LRF Wrasse Mission

With little swell predicted, decided to fish an exposed  deep water, rough ground mark, for the chance to target some Wrasse on the LRF tackle. The fishing would be done almost vertical, in the deep gullies that line this particular bit of the West Cornwall coastline. A brisk walk along the cliff tops, and then scrambling down to the granite lumps, started out by fishing small 2″ Ecogear BugAnts weedless, Texas style. Rod was the Nories Slow Retrieve SR74F, with Sunline Small Game 0.4PE loaded on the Daiwa Certate 2506.

The water was very clear, but the surface was chopped up from the strengthening wind. With the tide just starting to push from low, the first knock resulted in a good hook up, and my first Wrasse landed. With this particular gully going quiet, made the move to a spot which has thrown up good fish in the past, a deceptively deep trench, which is fed at one end by a fresh water stream, from up high above. Casting out, and with what seems an age for the the lure to reach the bottom, the Wrasse were hungry, and I was soon into some action. Had four Wrasse in this quick session, the fish all fighting well on the light tackle, great fun and looking forward to more soon!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Daiwa Certate Spools

Just wanted to write a short bit about the Daiwa 2010 Certate and the spools that are able to be swapped between them. Now unfortunately the Certate does not come with a spare spool. They are available, and although pricey, it means you can pick a spool type to suit the line you want to put on it.

The Daiwa Certate models I own are two 2506's and a 2508RH. I have three spare spools I have purchased, two 2506's and a 2500. The three reels and three spools can be seen in the pic below. The 2508RH reel is on the left, with a 2500 spool below. The middle is a 2506 reel, 2506 spool below, and the same on the right hand side;

So there are three spool sizes (2500 / 2506 / 2508) and these all fit onto the two different size reels. I have illustrated this in a series of pictures, starting with the 2506 size reel.

2506 reel with original spool

2506 reel with 2500 spool

2506 reel with 2508 spool

2508RH reel with original spool

2508RH reel with 2506 spool

2508RH with 2500 spool

It's useful to know that these different spool sizes can be swapped around on the reels. For example, I wanted to use a 10lb fluoro mainline on my 2506 reel, but the capacity of the shallow spool meant I would not be able to get much line on. The 2500 spool allows me to use a fluoro mainline on the 2506 reel, with plenty of line. The lines I currently have on my spools are as follows;

3lb Sunline Small Game Fluoro (2506)
0.4PE / 8lb Sunline Small Game (2506)
0.6PE / 10lb Sunline RockFish (2506)
0.8PE / 12lb Sunline Castaway (2506)
10lb Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro (2500)
1.0PE / 16lb Sunline Momentum 4x4 (2508) 

I can use any of these lines on either the 2506 or 2508RH Certate reels. Spare spools, differing lines can be taken fishing, to allow for changes in conditions, or even fishing styles. Particularly useful for LRF, where light fluoro and braid can be used alongside each other. There are probably other interchangeable bits I have missed out, but this is the experience I have of my reels and spools.

If you want to check out the specs for the Daiwa 2010 Certates, take a look HERE for the Daiwa UK site. If you want to buy a Daiwa Certate, or need to source a spare spool, I get mine from Ben @ Art Of Fishing

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Nories Rods

I have been using rods from Nories for just over a year now, so thought I would put some of my thoughts on them into the Blog. I am by no means an expert on rods, their designs, or even actions, but I know what I like, what feels good in my hand when working a lure and when a fish is on the other end!

My first Nories rod I bought was a RockFish Bottom Light. From there I went on to buy a Slow Retrieve, SeaBass Program and a RockFish Bottom Ultra Light. From my first few days of owning a Nories, I knew it was a little bit special, the feel of the rods and the build quality are superb, and I had great confidence in adding a few more to the collection.

First up is my Nories Slow Retrieve SR74F. This rod is 7'4" long, with a lure weight of around 0.9-5g. Now I have to admit, this is my favorite rod I own. I love the look of this rod, the feel of the cork grip, and the way it just loves to bend! It does have a short handle, I often find myself casting one handed with this rod, especially as it is for use with light tackle. This rod is all about the amazing sensitivity. It's a tubular tip rod, but can feel like a solid at times. With this rod I am able to work the Harbour, hunting the mini species with tiny lures, jig heads etc... picking up the tiniest bites. It can work really well as an LRF rod. I find I am able to cast a great variety of lure types on it, from tiny soft plastics, ultra light plugs and small metal jigs and vibs.

Where I really like to use this rod is out on the coast line. When the conditions allow you to present a small lure successfully, the Slow Retrieve comes into it's own. This year I have had good success on the Wrasse and Bass using it, I even had my Bass PB on this rod, at just over 5lb, using a small sub 5g plug. It's not a rod for all occasions tho, as I would not use it to target Wrasse in areas of thick kelp for example, you don't wanna be trying to pull a 5lb Wrasse through thick weed with it. As I mentioned above, this rod really bends! It does this with a powerful butt section for it's size, which I believe is what helps to tame the bigger fish so well. This also allows it to protect fine light lines as well, such as 3lb fluoro's or braids around the 0.3PE range.

Nories Slow Retrieve SR74F

Fuji K Guides (titanium)

Bending Into A Wrasse

The Nories SeaBass Program 72LLS Tide Controller is a 7'2 rod, with a lure weight of 5-12g. This rod, although 2 piece, is a long tip section with a handle. One way you can describe this rod, is as a beefed up version of the Slow Retrieve. Again, amazing sensitivity, and a rod that likes to bend, but with a higher casting weight. The lower weight of 5g can be a bit misleading, as this rod will work lures, be it hard or soft plastics closer to around 2g in my experience. I bought this rod for light plugging, but quickly found it also works very well for the softs, with great bottom bouncing sensitivity. To look at and hold this rod, you cant help but be impressed by the awesome design of the handle. The rings on the long tip section are all Fuji Titanium. This rod might not fit into everyones collection, but if you want a specific rod, to work across a relatively light weight lure range, I can highly recommend it.

Nories SeaBass Program 72LLS Tide Controller

Long Tip Section

The final two rods in my Nories Collection are the RockFish Bottom Light & Ultra Light. The Ultra Light is 6'10 and 1.8-7g, with the Light being 6'10 and 7-15g. The Light was the first Nories rod I bought. Purchased as a soft lure specific rod, I was not disappointed. This is my go-to soft plastics rod, whether targeting Bass or Wrasse, with lures rigged on jig heads, Texas, Carolina, Wacky, Drop-shot etc... A shorter rod, it's what I also like to use when out fishing from my little Zodiac boat in the Summer months, tight in on the coast line. A stiffer rod in the hand in comparison to the SeaBass Program, it really does excel in reading the bottom contact. I have chucked the occasional plug with this rod, but really it is suited to close range soft plastic work. It has great feel when using fluoro straight through, something I am finding myself fishing more often with this rod.

Nories RockFish Bottom Light

Fuji Stainless Guides

The Ultra Light version of the RockFish rod is the baby brother of the light. Visually the same, with a slightly thinner blank. This range of rods use a different colour thread on the whipping to help differentiate them. I often partner this rod with the Slow Retrieve, one with fluoro straight through, the other with a low PE braid, allowing different lures and styles to be fished without the need to re-rig or tie leaders etc... Fishing light drop-shot with this rod has been very successful, it's short length really at home in the Harbour for short range fishing. Again, a rod I really like to target the Wrasse with, but the conditions and environment has to be right. One difference between this rod and the Light, I really like to use it for small plugs. Be it surface of diving, this rod works hard plastics withing it's range beautifully. You will be surprised at just how far it will cast a 6g plug if needed. This has lent it to become my rod of choice for my new ventures into the fresh water species. Being only 6'10, you can cast easily in the tight spots of the tree lined banks. Both the RockFish rods have Fuji Stainless guides, and are very light rods in the hand.

Nories RockFish Bottom Ultra Light

Light & Ultralight Together

My Nories Collection

I got my Nories rods from Ben @ Art Of Fishing He also carries a wide range of Nories lures. If you want to find out more about Nories, check his shop out above, or take a look at the Nories website, which has a handy English version

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Freshwater Fun & Games

Recently made a return to a North Cornish Reservoir, with Matt to hit up the fresh water species, and with the hope of improving on my Pike PB, which sits at a lowly couple of pounds for now. Conditions on arrival could not have been better, still and clear, the waters looked great. It was only till I stepped out of the car, the severity of the cold chill hit!

I was using a selection of small lures from DUO, and Matt had his trusty baitcaster set up, with soft lures and spinner baits. We had to pause early doors, to continually clear the ice from the tip rings, as the cold had them freezing up, a new experience for me! We worked one side of the reservoir, slowly being warmed by the rising sun, we could see signs of fish, but none landed for the first half of the session.

A bite to eat, and we headed off to the other side of the water, stopping off at the weir pool, to hunt for some Perch. Whilst Matt worked the pool, I turned my attention to the stream running of it. Using a DUO tide Tetra Works Toto, I cast into the flow of the stream, letting it run, before retrieving. Was not long till I had a fiesty Brown Trout landed, and returned swiftly.  Further down the flow, working a small pool off the main current, I had the interest of a small Perch, landed and returned. The little DUO lure also accounted for another Trout, great fun in the fast flow of the stream. In my absence, Matt also had a Perch and Trout.

As we headed off to fish the other side of the Reservoir, we were joined by Ben from the Art of Fishing. He had a bag full of secret squirrel lures he was testing, and chose a peg to cast from he had won a match fishing contest from previously. First cast and a knock, second cast and a fish on! A small Jack landed. He then went on to catch another Pike, smaller still, Matt and I feeling a little hard done by! Good fun session, the bigger fish eluding us, but there is always next time!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

DUO Lures Have Arrived

DUO is a Japanese lure design and manufacturer, who have been around since 1995. They have over 250 different products in their range, some of which we have become familiar with in the UK. Lures such as the DUO Tide Minnow range have become a favorite Bass catcher for many, but there are many more lures that we do not see on our shores. Just check out the DUO website to see how much gear they produce

Now DUO have sent me over a fantastic selection of lures to test and try out. Some of them were familiar to me, such as the Tide Minnows, albeit in colour patterns I have not tried before, but most of them are lures I have not had the chance to get my hands on until now. The lures from the Tetra Works range, and other ultra light / light plugs are particularly of interest to me, and really looking forward to getting them wet!

DUO Bay Ruf Manic 115mm 16g

DUO Tide VIB slim 140mm 32g

DUO Tide Minnow Slim 140mm 18g

DUO Tide Minnow Slim 140mm 18g

DUO Press Bait Kamuy 110mm 25g

DUO Terrif DC-9 Bullet 90mm 15g

DUO Deep Feat 90D 90mm 12g

DUO Bay RUF SV-70 70mm 11g

DUO Tetra Works Perakko 48mm 4.6g

DUO Tetra Works Yurameki 48mm 6.3g

DUO Spearhead Ryuki 45S 45mm 4.0g & 50S 50mm 4.5g

DUO Tetra Works Bivi 40mm 3.8g

DUO Tetra Works Pocopoco S 4.7g & Pocopoco F 3.0g

DUO Tetra Works Toto42 42mm 2.8g & Duo Tetra Works Koikakko 34mm 4.8g


If you want to keep up to date with the latest happenings at DUO, then check out their page on Facebook and give it a big fat LIKE! This will also enable you to enter the competitions that DUO run on their website, with some great prizes.