Thursday, 16 December 2010

LRF Estuary Pollack PT.II

So I decided to fish the same spot, same sort of tide state. Again, very still, clear water, but the air temp was colder. Decided to try a different way of presenting the lure. I had a Cultiva Rock 'n Bait Ring Kick Tail 2" rigged with a size 6 hook. I fixed a 0.8g split shot approx. 14" from the lure. Casting out into the estuary flow, and drawing it back, slow lifts taking up the slack, I was into the fish almost immediately, and it was non stop action for the whole session. Again, takes were on the drop, and the fish were giving a really good fight on the light gear. One thing I do need to work on, is maybe 'striking' into the fish earlier, at the first sign of a take, as some of these larger pollack were hooked very deeply, I am also considering going barb-less to help when deep hooked. A total of 9 fish landed, I stuck them on the measure for an idea of scale;

Definitely taking my landing net with me next time I fish at this spot, as each fish I caught had to be walked round the Quay and landed on the slip way.

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