Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bambi Can't Swim 10-06-2011

Fished after work locally, started at just after 1900hrs, neap low tide. Shallow rocky mark, with weed everywhere. The good old Westerly winds still blowing, making it choppy. Tackle of choice was a morethan Branzino Urban Custom 87LML rod, '10 Certate 2506 with 08.PE YGK, and a Texas rigged 4" Nories Power Balance.

For those that recognise it, I was fishing around this location - Not tried here before, and the low tide allowed me to move around and explore the gullies;

Onto the title 'Bambi Can't Swim', I was walking the shoreline, amongst the weed saw something you don't see every day at the beach, guess it took a wrong turn off the cliff somewhere;

Had four Wrasse in total, all pretty small, but the takes were very aggressive, and came from pretty shallow water on the pushing tide. Couple of them were taken on a bounced retrieve, whilst the others were twitch and deadstick.

Finished fishing at around 2100hrs, and managed a final pic as the light was getting low. Was good to get out and explore another new stretch of coast, and even in the miserable windy conditions, fishing short range can be fun!

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