Monday, 7 February 2011

Penzance LRF 26-01-2010

Quick report - Fished off the Albert Pier, Penzance, on the harbour side, a couple of hours before high tide. Clear water, slight chop from the fresh NE winds.

Fished a Cultiva Pin Worm 1.3" size 10 hook rigged carolina style with a 1.5g ball lead. Also used a luminous bead, to see if it helped as an attractant. Could see some 8" or so Launce near the surface, and small shoals of fish below me.

Had 7 fish in total, started off with a Pollack, then 3 Herring (I think?), and some more small Pollack. Only took a pic of one Herring, as they dont stop moving, and are not flash friendly!

Last 15 mins, switched to a 2" Reins Rockvibe and had a final small Pollack.

The majority of the fish were caught with a vertical line, and 'jigging'. Used a few techniques I picked up from watching others at the Plymouth LRF meets. Stayed pretty much in the same spot, as the fish were consistent there.

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