Friday, 18 February 2011

Nories Seabass Program

Looking to the future, the lighter side of lure fishing is something that really interests and excites me. This has led me to thinking about the lighter side of Bass fishing, and the smaller plugs increasingly coming to the market. Decided to get a rod designed for the job, and I now have my three horse stable in the Nories flavour.

Nories 72LLS 7'2 5-12g

And a few of the plugs I will be using with it, alongside the soft plastics and small metal lures.

Ecogear MW70S (Sinking 70mm 9.0g)

Ecogear MW105F2 (Floating 105mm 9.0g)

Dice Seiraminnow 80S (slow sinking 84mm 7.6g) Lovely plug, hollow mouth and gill slits for water exit.

The rod and lures came from Ben @ Going down to the Estuary tonight, to try it out, and hopefully find a few Bass and Pollack.


  1. Got to say Paul, you've certainly got the right idea. The rods you've bought are all awesome tools and are going to make 'sport' fishing for Bass and Rockfish all the more fun.

  2. Hoping so Matt, bit of a gamble with this one, having never fished with plugs of this size, and targeting the Bass (hopefully big uns!) on a lightweight rod. However, confident that it will prove to be a very useful tool, judging by how good the LRF and HRF Nories rods I have. It sits perfectly between the Slow Retrieve and the Rockfish Bottom. Looking forward to my first flash of silver being brought in on this one.