Monday, 7 February 2011

LRF Bass 20-01-201

Decided on an LRF session down at the Boathouse Quay, alongside the estuary at Bantham. No man made lighting on site, just the distant glow of the local pub. Clear skies and a full moon yesterday meant a lot of natural light. Fished one hour up and one hour down from high tide. Big tides meant a very fast flow in the main current, with the slack water recycling into the flow around the quay area.

Started off with my day old Jackson Jaco Vib, and after a few casts, had a break off and it flew into the night. Slightly annoyed, tied up a carolina rig with a 2g ball weight and a 3" Slug-Go weedless, which I caught on in Plymouth the night before. Let it bounce along the bottom, in the flow, then worked back through the slack water. After an hour, no fish, and the tide started to turn, and flow back out to sea.

I moved to the opposite end of the quay, and started casting into the slack water near the rocky shore. This time using a 2" pearl coloured curl tail grub with a 2g size 6 jig head. Slow twitch and retrieve, a knock, and fish on. Good scrap, thought it must have been a decent size Pollack, but as I gained line, it kept on fighting, right to the quay side. Flash of silver in the head torch revealed a Bass. Hand lined it up the wall, and pics, measured, weighed etc...

Weighed in at 1lb 6.5oz, measuring 39cm rounded down.

Fished on into the same area, and soon had another fish. This time a much smaller Bass, taken on the same lure;

As the tide dropped, I waded out onto a weed covered rock adjacent to the quay slip. Working the deep slack water by the increasing flow, landed two decent Pollack. I had a third, but lost it at my feet.

As the tidal flow got stronger, decided to finish for the evening. Happy I have had my first Bass on the LRF gear, also my first Bass of 2011. 

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