Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 2: West Cornwall Bass

Following on from my last post, this is the session from the next morning, down in West Cornwall. Fishing the flooding tide, the swell had picked up a little more, with the surf fizzing round the rocks and small coves. Tackle today was my Daiwa morethan Branzino Urban Side Custom rod (8'7 & 5-24g). Lovely rod to look at, but in use, it has been a slow grower for me. Having had it for around a year now, I absolutely love it, and very happy I took the effort to import it from Japan. Sitting on the rod, a Daiwa Certate 2508 reel, freshly loaded up with another new line, some Sunline PE x Fluoro Hybrid, in 10lb / 0.6PE. This is a fluoro core line, with a braid outer.

Started out, searching the deep waters, by running the lure slow, alongside a finger of rock, lined with kelp. Was not long till I had my first Pollack, and conditions were looking promising. Following the same line, as the lure came into sight, darting out from the shadows of the kelp, came a Bass, taking the lure in one go, securely hooked, with a short fight it was landed at my feet, at around 3lb in weight.

You might not be able to see it, but the Bass is hooked on a treble, on the front of the jig head. Now this is the first time I was using this lure set up. An Ecogear 3D Jig Head (14g in this case) which has an eye above and below the jig head. The bottom eye, I attached a split ring and treble hook, sinking one of the points into the belly of the lure. This aids in retaining the lure, and also stops the treble swinging and tangling with the line. I had a good number of fish on this set up, using a combination of Sawamura 4" OneUpShads and Ecogear BTS Shads.

Moving to a shallower cove, time to break out the DUO lures, and do some searching amongst the surf. Starting out with a DUO Beach Walker 100 Vib, a combination of sink and draw, and steady slow retrieves, had a combination of Bass and Mackerel landed.

The Vib was switched over to a DUO Press Bait Kamuy. The distance this lure will travel is amazing, small and relatively heavy with no lip and a single assist hook on the rear, it flies through the air, cutting through the wind. I like to let this lure flutter down, then rip it up off the bottom, and let it flutter again. The takes mostly come on the drop, and makes for exciting fishing, as you really feel like the fish are hunting the lure.

The new Sunline PE x Fluoro Hybrid behaved very well on it's first outing, even in a stiff breeze that picked up throughout the session. I need to get some more sessions under my belt with it before I can give some initial thoughts on it, but todays session showed promising results.

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