Thursday, 16 February 2012

Freshwater Fun & Games

Recently made a return to a North Cornish Reservoir, with Matt to hit up the fresh water species, and with the hope of improving on my Pike PB, which sits at a lowly couple of pounds for now. Conditions on arrival could not have been better, still and clear, the waters looked great. It was only till I stepped out of the car, the severity of the cold chill hit!

I was using a selection of small lures from DUO, and Matt had his trusty baitcaster set up, with soft lures and spinner baits. We had to pause early doors, to continually clear the ice from the tip rings, as the cold had them freezing up, a new experience for me! We worked one side of the reservoir, slowly being warmed by the rising sun, we could see signs of fish, but none landed for the first half of the session.

A bite to eat, and we headed off to the other side of the water, stopping off at the weir pool, to hunt for some Perch. Whilst Matt worked the pool, I turned my attention to the stream running of it. Using a DUO tide Tetra Works Toto, I cast into the flow of the stream, letting it run, before retrieving. Was not long till I had a fiesty Brown Trout landed, and returned swiftly.  Further down the flow, working a small pool off the main current, I had the interest of a small Perch, landed and returned. The little DUO lure also accounted for another Trout, great fun in the fast flow of the stream. In my absence, Matt also had a Perch and Trout.

As we headed off to fish the other side of the Reservoir, we were joined by Ben from the Art of Fishing. He had a bag full of secret squirrel lures he was testing, and chose a peg to cast from he had won a match fishing contest from previously. First cast and a knock, second cast and a fish on! A small Jack landed. He then went on to catch another Pike, smaller still, Matt and I feeling a little hard done by! Good fun session, the bigger fish eluding us, but there is always next time!


  1. Lovely looking fish and lure in that first pic. Could do that kind of stuff all day!

  2. That little brown trout is awesome Paul. I see the Tetra Works Toto 42 did the damage again. I think I may have to get my hands on a couple of those. I think they'll make great bass lures also for use on LRF gear.