Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Daiwa Certate Spools

Just wanted to write a short bit about the Daiwa 2010 Certate and the spools that are able to be swapped between them. Now unfortunately the Certate does not come with a spare spool. They are available, and although pricey, it means you can pick a spool type to suit the line you want to put on it.

The Daiwa Certate models I own are two 2506's and a 2508RH. I have three spare spools I have purchased, two 2506's and a 2500. The three reels and three spools can be seen in the pic below. The 2508RH reel is on the left, with a 2500 spool below. The middle is a 2506 reel, 2506 spool below, and the same on the right hand side;

So there are three spool sizes (2500 / 2506 / 2508) and these all fit onto the two different size reels. I have illustrated this in a series of pictures, starting with the 2506 size reel.

2506 reel with original spool

2506 reel with 2500 spool

2506 reel with 2508 spool

2508RH reel with original spool

2508RH reel with 2506 spool

2508RH with 2500 spool

It's useful to know that these different spool sizes can be swapped around on the reels. For example, I wanted to use a 10lb fluoro mainline on my 2506 reel, but the capacity of the shallow spool meant I would not be able to get much line on. The 2500 spool allows me to use a fluoro mainline on the 2506 reel, with plenty of line. The lines I currently have on my spools are as follows;

3lb Sunline Small Game Fluoro (2506)
0.4PE / 8lb Sunline Small Game (2506)
0.6PE / 10lb Sunline RockFish (2506)
0.8PE / 12lb Sunline Castaway (2506)
10lb Sunline FC Sniper Fluoro (2500)
1.0PE / 16lb Sunline Momentum 4x4 (2508) 

I can use any of these lines on either the 2506 or 2508RH Certate reels. Spare spools, differing lines can be taken fishing, to allow for changes in conditions, or even fishing styles. Particularly useful for LRF, where light fluoro and braid can be used alongside each other. There are probably other interchangeable bits I have missed out, but this is the experience I have of my reels and spools.

If you want to check out the specs for the Daiwa 2010 Certates, take a look HERE for the Daiwa UK site. If you want to buy a Daiwa Certate, or need to source a spare spool, I get mine from Ben @ Art Of Fishing

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