Monday, 11 July 2011

HRF Lands End Area 05-07-2011

Quick report - Fished this morning from high, on a dropping tide. 2-3' choppy swell running, rain clearing into sunny weather. Fished with the Nories Rockfish Bottom Light (7-15g), '10 Certate 2506 with 0.8PE YGK Gesox, and various soft plastics.

Fished an area which is full of these signs below, making it interesting work exploring and climbing about. Check whats underfoot!

Took 3 Pollack, all pretty good size. First two were taken on a Texas rigged 4.5" OSP Do-Live stick, and the third was taken on a Carolina rigged Nories 3" LadyFish. First fish was 49cm and 2lb 8oz, didn't measure the smaller second one, and the third fish came in at around 50cm and 2lb 8oz again.

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