Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Wrasse Bash 09-05-2011

Massive swells and high winds down in West Cornwall - Decided if I was gonna fish, needed to find shelter. Headed off to a spot I have tried once or twice, East side of the Lizard, near Helford. Short walk found sheltered, windless conditions, lovely sunshine and flat conditions, as I was just inside the mouth.

Fished my Nories Seabass Program 5-12g with a 2506 Certate with 0.8PE. Texas rigged Nories SP's. One big difference today, I was experimenting with a fish formular, 'Mega Strike' from Mr.Fish smeared onto the lures. The result was promising, every bite led to a positive hook up, some coming from a slow retrieve, where if the lure was missed first time, the fish kept at it till hooked. Deadstick took most fish, good strong connections. Pretty sure the Mega Strike was helping out. Even the really small fish were hooking up on a 3/0 and 4.5" lure.

Forgot my camera, so it's a few VGA quality snaps from the crappy phone. Took 8 fish in total, but there was a lot of exploring done. Some fish were taken in areas that I would not usually consider, some sandy bottom stretches with occasional rock and weed. Gonna be back there tomorrow with Ben, for some double team action, maybe sniff out one or two of the large Bass I saw crusing around under feet

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