Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Doggie On A Lure? 24-05-2011

Had a session near Prawle today, trying to find (unsuccessfully) a little shelter from the strong winds. Fished from high tide down to low, with choppy conditions, with a small swell.

Will the start the report in reverse order: Dogfish on a lure?

Well, not really. I was crossing a shallow rock shelf at low tide, with some large shallow rock pools. Saw some orange mono stretched out across the rocks, picking it up and pulling to find the end, it terminated in a weed filled rock pool. Sharp tug and out popped the Dogfish, entangled in the weed, still alive and kicking. Cut the line and 6oz lead free, and removed the 6/0 hook from it's chops. Quick pic next to my rod for a size comparison, and set free. Swam off happy into the depths! Luckily it was caught up in a small rockpool, otherwise would have been high and dry in the sun.

Back to the beginning, and I was fishing my Nories Seabass Program (5-12g) rod with a '10 Certate 2506 loaded with 0.8PE YGK Gesox. Lures used were various Nories SP's, rigged Texas style.

Over the session I had what is my PB Pollack (first one I have bothered to weigh as it had a bit of size!)

Came in at 2lb 4oz, so at least I have a bench mark to work from. Also had another small Pollack;

Wrasse were the main flavour of the day, with 5 landed in total, nothing big, maybe the biggest coming in just under 3lb.

I was secretly hoping to have found some Bass, but only saw the one cruising in the shallows. Finally just a pic of some old wreckage uncovered at the low tide mark;

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