Thursday, 23 May 2013

DUO Designed by Ultimate Organizer

Over the winter months, I managed to get my fingers on a few more lures from the DUO range. With the decision to fish 2013 with heavier, bigger tackle, it made sense to get some of the heavy hitters from DUO. With the Bass starting to show here and there, and the imminent arrival of consistent numbers, here is a look at what will be hanging out of of the mouth of those silver predators in the coming months.

DUO Tide Minnow Surf 150 (29g)

DUO Tide Minnow Surf 135 (24g)

DUO Tide Vib Slim 140 (32g) / DUO Tide Minow Slim 200 (27g)

DUO Tide Minnow Terrif RS 125 / DUO Tide Minnow Slim 140 (18g)

DUO Press Bait 115 HD (36g) / DUO Tide Minnow SSR 140

DUO Rough Trail 130S (29g)

DUO Larus Minnow 95 (34g) / DUO Tide Minnow Slim 105 Heretic (15g)
 DUO Tide Minnow 75 CD (11g)

My DUO army for 2013

Be sure to check out the various online media sites for DUO, as they add more and more content each month, giving you the chance to see the full range, and how the lures work in action;

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