Sunday, 9 December 2012

Deps Bumble Shads!

Since I first heard about the Deps Bumble shad, I really wanted to get hold of some. The problem was, at around 26g before you add a hook or jig head, in the past, I have not owned a rod capable of casting them! Well, this is hopefully soon to change, with a 3/8 - 1&1/2oz rod (roughly 10-42g) on it's way.

Eagerly anticipating it's arrival, got straight onto getting my hands on some 6" Deps Bumble shads. I went for a pack (5 lures) of Kohokushaddo and a pack of Black Sumokupeppa. These colour patterns should be a good start, and I am gonna be throwing these in both the fresh and salt waters I fish. Probably looking to use them weightless for the Pike, and maybe try out a few weighted jig heads, to get them down in the deep waters off the West Cornwall coast.

Whilst on the big Deps lures, also picked up some of the 6.5" Deathadder sticks, in the Dead Shad pattern. These come in packs of six, and are physically a big stick/worm bait. Weighty enough to be used on their own with a single hook, I have also used them in the past with a nail shot, to get an interesting fall, depending on where you choose to stick it.

If you are interested in checking these out yourself, now is a good time, as Ben & Jo at the Art of Fishing have a Christmas sale on at the moment, and these Deps lures are amongst many of the great bits and bobs on sale, from small lures to high end rods

As I like to fish with mouthful size lures for the Wrasse, in the 2-3" range, the quest for small, strong weedless hooks in ever ongoing. I have picked up some new ones, and have high hopes, from just handling them out of the packet. They feel strong in the hand, and have a good shape for weedless applicatiion, with the hook point 'skinned' in the top of the lure. Looking forward to trying them out soon. You can check them out at


  1. I used the size 2 Nogales this weekend for the first time Paul and was mentally impressed. They're strong little buggers!

    1. Good stuff Matt, they do seem to be vastly stronger in the hand than any hook of that size I have used before.

    2. Good luck with the Bumbleshads, they are my number one SP for pike. Let us know how you get on with hooking fish. I get lots of missed takes some trips, yet hook them all the next. 5/0 Nogales Monster and medium size Savage Gear worm hooks work well but any other suggestions appreciated.

    3. Was reading your thread on TLF about that Mike. I need to get some hooks, and also gonna try some jig heads, was thinking around a 5/0 or 6/0 jig head, but on the look out for some in a low weight.

    4. If you can't find the jigheads you want, the Savage Gear worm hooks come with tungsten weights that you can add to the hook shank. Very useful sometimes.

  2. Hi, it's the first time that i visit your blog, recently i bougt the bumbleshad, for to fish seabass because this softbait has a good weigth for to fish finesse, and i use with a Fina hooks 4/0, personally the better hook that i have used.