Friday, 6 July 2012


One of the DUO lures I have been having good results with lately is the MOAB 120F (mother of all baits). This lure has such a great finish to it, really nice detail and colourings. It comes in at 120mm and 13g and is a floating minnow.

Unlike many other lures, the diving lip is constructed from a thin circuit board style material, this gives the lip great strength, letting you really work the lure if required. It has a magnetic transfer ball weight internally, with another smaller fixed weight in the front section.

I have been fishing the estuaries recently in West Cornwall, over mainly clean sandy grounds. The schoolies are about in good numbers, and the DUO MOAB has been particularly effective in bringing them in. On the flood, casting from rock to rock, working the lure close to structure, the takes have been hard and fast, with the little fish scrapping well.

There have been the occasion Pollack in the estuary as well. These fish have a lovely light colouring in comparison to the ones I usually catch from the deep weedy marks, a case of the fish matching their surroundings.

I have been trying out some new metal jigs as well. The recent high winds and rough stormy weather have been good testing conditions for them. Casting is a dream, as they cut through the air, the heavy small bodies sinking down in the rough seas.

Tackle House Nabura Deka 14g

Bridge Bagus 20g / 70mm

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