Monday, 30 January 2012

Ecogear LRF Softies

When fishing LRF (light rock fishing) or however else you want to describe using tiny lures and light rods, braid and fluoro's, one lure manufacturer I can always rely on to produce the fish, is Ecogear. Having been introduced to them just over a year ago, I have been able to use a cross section of their gear, and they have accounted for many of my fish in 2011 and early 2012.

One of my favorite set of lures they do, is the Ecogear Aqua line. These lures are 100% biodegradeable, and have a scent in the water that makes fish bite and hold on. The number of Ecogear Aqua lures in the range are steadily increasing, giving the angler more choice. My latest Aqua lures come in the shape of these Katsu Mebaru Shirasu 2''

The Ecogear 2" BugAnts have been a very successful lure for me. I have found them to be great for Wrasse, especially when you are getting lots of tail nips, and missed bites on bigger lures. I tend to rig them weedless, Texas style on a size 4 EWG hook, with sinkers between 1-3g. They look fantastic in the water, and tend to stand up well on the bottom, with it's thin limbs waving around in the current. I find the natural greens and browns work best for me in daylight, but the pearl white has taken a few bass in the dark.

Small paddle tails are very versatile, generally I rig them on a jig head, usually the Ecogear Shirasu Fine in weights from around 1-2g . Cast out and allowed to fall through the water, often takes come as the lure decends without a turn of the reel. A slow straight retrieve can also be used, with the light tackle, you can feel the small paddle tail vibrating as it moves through the water. I have found them also effective, fished off the bottom, hoped and skipped over the rocks and weed, with long pauses in between. The lure below is the Ecogear Grass Minnow S 1-3/4''

Drop shot techniques have proved successful this winter, in the Harbours and also the deep water rocky marks of West Cornwall. I find a slim long lure, flicking about, works well, and the Ecogear Sansun 3" fits the bill. It can also be rigged on a small jig head, or Carolina style, with a weight up the line, allowing good castability, but giving the small lure freedom to move on the bottom.

The full range of Ecogear lures, can be found at The Art Of Fishing. If you are unsure about what might work best for you, or how to get the best from the lures, give Ben a call in the shop for some great advice.

Couple of other lures I have picked up recently, are the Rapala XR-6 and Rapala ULM. Both these lures come in at 60mm and 4g, small light plugs for use with the light gear. I have been building up my collection of sub 80mm plugs lately, and can see myself using them more and more in 2012. As with most my small plugs, I have changed the rear treble for a Decoy single hook;

Finally, big reminder that including today, there is only 2 days left to enter my Sunline competition, to win a spool of Sunline Momentum 4x4 braid. To enter this competition, take a look HERE. The winner will be drawn and announced the first few days of February. Good luck!


  1. Great review Paul the sansuns look like a great lure. Whats the colour of the bug ants?
    Oh i linked you on my blog hope thats ok...

    tight lines


    1. The BugAnts are 'Rock Crab'. Cheers for the add to your blog, I will link you on mine.