Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Major Craft Volkey BFS Christened

Wednesday seems to be the day I take myself off for a little fresh water action. Whilst the majority of the country is covered in snow with minus temperatures, West Cornwall is enjoying some sunny and relatively mild weather. This suits me as far as staying comfortable whilst out and about fishing!

Having christened the Major Craft Volkey Big Lake Special last week on the Pike, today I set up the Major Craft Bait Finesse rod (more details HERE), with the thoughts of targeting Perch. Paired it up with a Shimano Calcutta 51DC spooled with Sunline Momentum 4x4 PE#1.0 / 16lb. This 8 strand line has really been impressive during it's use over the last year or so. One thing that always suprises me is just how strong it is, a very tough braid, and it has served me well on both fixed spool and baitcast reels. A selection of Ecogear soft lures and jig heads completed the kit list, and I was ready to go!

Today was to be a short session, making the most of the late morning conditions. Working one side of the reservoir, divided my time between a few locations that have shown fish in the previous few weeks.  With a mix of straight retrieves, and bottom twitching, after a tentative knock, a fish on. Brought into the net at the bankside, a healthy Perch in great condition.

The lure combo that tempted this Perch, was an Ecogear 4" Power Shad, mounted on an Ecogear 3D jighead, with an Ecogear Blade Spin mounted on the underside of the jig head.

Things went quiet afer the one Perch, and after a few more knocks, and a follow from a small Pike, it was time to head home, short and sweet. Target fish achieved, and the first bend in the Volkey Bait Finesse rod. Looking forward to getting a few more sessions under my belt with this rod, I have a feeling it will quickly become a favorite set up to use.


  1. Hi Paul

    How did you get on casting the light lures on the DC I found it hard, the braid kept bedding in ?

    hows the little man


    1. Thomas is doing really well, hope all is well with you and the family. I have not cast anything really light, probs 5-6g is the lightest I have tried. The 25lb Castaway was easier to use than the 16lb Momentum 4x4, but no real troubles. I am probably gonna try some 6 or 8lb fluoro on it soon, see how that goes, as I like using a fluoro mainline on the Ryoga.

  2. Interested to know where you buy the Volkey's from or how you import and travel with one piece rods? I am based in Ireland.

    1. I don't tend to travel internationally, so a one piece suits me fine. I believe you can get the Volkey rods from or any Major Craft retailer should be able to order one for you.