Wednesday, 3 October 2012

DUO October Contest

New month, new contest time from the guys at DUO lures. This is a chance for you, the DUO lures fan and user, to have your say, and let DUO know what lure you think should be added to their current range. Time to get your thinking cap on, can be something similar to a lure they already make, maybe a different size of colour pattern, or something totally different and unique, your imagination is the only limit!

So the question is; What lure would you like to see DUO produce? Which lure do you think is missing in our range?

Think about where in the world you are, where you fish, and the species you target. Maybe you have a particular species in mind, that the current range does not cover. Get your thoughts off to DUO, they want to hear all feedback, and maybe your lure ideas will get put into production!

Of course I have a few ideas myself about what I would like to see introduced into the range. I would like a small floating surface lure, around the 70mm / 7g mark. Silent with no internal rattles, in a natural baitfish colour pattern. A subtle, mini walk the dog action lure, for those days when it's calm and clear, or maybe for estuary work, when the fish are a little more shy, and you want to match the profile of the smaller bait fish in the water. Something similar to a  scaled down, silent version of the awesome DUO Realis Pencil 110 would fit the bill in my books.

The rules are; you need to be a fan of the DUO Facebook page in order to enter, and then simply email your answer off to You have until 5th November to submit your entry.

Three of you will be the lucky winners, and will receive a DUO lures pack, as well as one of the new DUO t-shirts. Good luck!

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