Monday, 27 August 2012

Ecogear UK Team

As I write this blog, I have a massive smile on my face, as I am now a member of the Ecogear UK Team. I have long been a big fan of Ecogear products, and in the past, the majority of my soft plastic fishing has been carried out using their superb range of lures. Some of my best fish have fallen to them over the past couple of years, and it is for this reason, I am really stoked to be part of the Ecogear Team.

Being part of the team, means I can experiment further with products across the whole range, build on old favorites, and test out new lures in a variety of colour patterns. This is reflected in my latest collection of lures, courtesy of Ecogear.

Ecogear Grassminnow L

Ecogear Grassminnow M & Ecogear Minnow S

Ecogear 3" Powershad

Ecogear 3" Para Max

Ecogear 4" Para Max & Ecogear 4" Para Max

Ecogear 4.5" BTS & Ecogear 3.5" BTS

Ecogear 5" Power Shad

Ecogear 3" Bug Ants

Ecogear 2" Bug Ants

Ecogear 4" Power Shad

Ecogear 3.25" Straight & Ecogear 3" Aji Shokunin

Ecogear 10g Retrieve Head

Ecogear 15g Retrieve Head

Such a great selection of soft lures, to add to the existing lot, perfect for the fishing I do, targeting the Bass and Wrasse alongside the mini species. Can't wait to get a few of the new lures wet, testing them out on my marks, and seeing what works best where and for what. With the current 'Sumer' weather we are having, it is also handy that I have been supplied a really nice set of quality waterproofs. If  you bump into me out and about on the coast, there will be no mistaking me wearing these!

If you want to get your hands on some of the above lures, then click on the Ecogear logo at the top of my blog, and check out the list of UK retailers on the website. The website also shows the huge range of Ecogear lures available, soft plastics, metal vibs, hard plastics and many more.

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