Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Slow Going, But a Fish is a Fish

Fished the same spot as yesterday, conditions were different tho. The swell had dropped to nothing, with gin clear water, and strong offshore winds. Fishing the same set up, Daiko Spear 2-14g with a 2506 Certate with 0.6PE Sunline RockFish.

Continuing on with yesterdays success, went with the Nories Shrilpen rigged on a 1.8g Ecogear Bottom head, and also an Ilex B'eye 5g jig with an Ecogear 3" Sansun on the hook for tht little bit extra. In comparisson to yesterdays fish coming thick and fast, just the two Wrasse landed today.

One think I did see from up on my rocky perch, was a huge amount of bait fish milling around in shoals. Sand eels were there in numbers, big and small, as well as tiny fish in small groups, popping in and out of the weedy rock shelf. With the Wrasse bites turning off, decided to search the bay I was in with a DUO Bay Ruf SV-70. Was not long till I had a take, and my only Pollack of the day was landed. So a quiet session all in, but the conditions will hopefully change soon.


  1. Paul, How do you fish those B'eyes mate, do you use long lifts or lots of short taps on the bottom?

    1. For the Wrasse, had it sitting on the bottom, small jigged movements with long pauses. Had the Pollack casting out, taking on the drop. Slow long lifts, dropping on a tight line worked for me. The ground for the Wrasse was weedy patches over sand, did not snag much. Probs would not fish it at my usual Wrasse grounds off the bottom, thick weed and rough ground would probably see it lost quickly!

  2. Cheers mate.
    Did you also dress that hook your self or buy them like that?
    I was thinking about tipping mise with an isome or something.

    How are you finding that rod after an extended play, say compared to one of your Nories?
    I'm gonna upgrade the light gear, but probably not till next year.