Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sunline Small Game Fluoro

I have been using Sunline Small Game Fluoro 3lb for light game duties for a while now. Spooled onto a 2506 Daiwa Certate, the full 150m fits nicely. I have tested it in the Harbour environment, close range vertical fishing, with drop shot rigs, and light jig heads. Small species plucking at a lure register well on the line, with good sensitivity. The line cuts nicely through the water, and I prefer to use it over light braid in windy conditions. Fishing in the winter months with cold hands, one great advantage with using fluoro straight through, is that you do not need to tie a leader length. It also allows you to cut and re-tie your rigs easily and readily, without having to consider loosing leader length. On the 2506 size spool, the line does not retain much memory in the form of coils, it is well behaved, even with ultra light jig heads in the region of 0.5-1g.

Along with the shelter of the Harbor fishing, I have also had some great sessions using the 3lb Sunline Small Game Fluoro out on the deep water rock marks of West Cornwall. Here my target species have been Pollack and Wrasse. Using slightly heavier small game tackle than the in the Harbour's, I have taken Wrasse to around 3lb in weight. In this instance, matching the line to a rod that will protect it is key, and also the use of a landing net is essential for landing the fish. The Pollack have been falling to small casting jigs and metal vib lures. Casting with the Small Game Fluoro is great, due to it's low diameter. Allowing the jigs and vibs to sink though the water column, picking up hits from the Pollack on the drop. There is a little more stretch evident using fluoro straight through over braid, but this also helps cushion the dives and runs from the fighting Pollack and Wrasse. In this rough environment, the light 3lb fluoro has proved to be pretty tough, with good abraision resistance, and great knotting strength, whether tied direct or using a small metal clip.

As much as I love using fluoro as a mainline, I do not see it as a replacement to braid for light game duties, Side by side, the two lines compliment each other, both having their advantages and disadvantages. On some occasions, I will fish with 2 set ups, one with braid and one with fluoro. Or if carrying two rods is not an option, just take along a spare spool loaded with either the braid or fluoro, allowing you to chop and change when conditions dictate. I like the 3lb breaking strain, as it is fine and sensitive enough for the mini species in the Harbour, as well as being tough enough to take on the rough weedy grounds below deep water rock marks I fish a lot. The Sunline Small Game Fluoro gives you the confidence to fish areas where a bonus larger fish may take the lure.

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