Thursday, 1 December 2011

West Cornwall - December Wrasse 01-12-2011

The strong winds of the last few days had eased here in West Cornwall, but there was still plenty of swell around. With this in mind, decided to head out to an Estuary mark, which would be sheltered from the swell. Fishing 3 hours on the drop from high tide, water was very clear, lovely conditions.

Tackle was the Daiwa morethen Branzino Urban Side Custom 8'7 5-24g rod, with a Daiwa '10 Certate 2508RH, loaded with Sunline Momentum 4x4 1.0PE. Decided to fish bigger with the lures today, with a selection of 4"+ sizes. First up was a Nories 4" Escape Little Twin, first time using this lure, so good to catch on it;

After that initial fish, it went quiet for a bit with the Craw imitation. Switched over to a GY 4" Senko. Bites were instantaneous, with the Wrasse fighting hard today. Also fished with a 5" Senko, rigged on a 4/0.

During the session, had a really strong fight from a fish that took the 5" lure in behind a rock, bringing it in, could see it was a decent size, came in at 47cm and 4lb bang on, biggest Wrasse I have had for a while;

Have fished this area a fair bit, usually on the light gear, with 2-3" lures on light lines and weights. Today, stepping up the lure size, the overall fish sizes were bigger than normal, may be a coincidence, so will try it out again soon. One thing is for sure, hook ups were not as successful, with a few fish lost from tail bites etc.. I had 3 of my GY Senko's bitten off exactly as below;

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  1. Thats a real sweet looking spot mate. Nice fish there as well.