Saturday, 5 November 2011

Plym LRF 01-11-2011

Met up with a few of the guys down in Plym last night. Strong winds dictated where we fished, but good banter and fun throughout. Fished with the Nories Slow Retrieve 0.9-5g, Certate 2506 with Sunline Small Game 0.4PE.

Amongst the usual Polack, managed to catch a Poor Cod, last one I had was in the cold winter, also some kind of Goby thing, very small. Both taken on a Ecogear Aqua Aji Straight 2". on a barbless size 14 hook, with a 0.8g split shot 3" from the lure;

Got to fish a new part of the Harbour as well, the guys have had good success there before. Fell in love with Matts Certate 2004, looks a great size and will now be on the shopping list...

Also had this little greedy critter from the Creek at the end of my fields the other week, just did not get round to posting it yet, taken on a Power Isome;

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