Met up with Joe and Oli, down in West Cornwall, as they were fishing a mark right on my doorstep, and invited me along. I was keen to see what fish were about, as it is a spot I have totally overlooked, dismissing it. I was fishing light plugs and SP's, with the Nories Seabass Program 5-12g, Certate 2506 with 0.8PE Sunline Castaway. Fishing around the high tide, with the conditions very calm, with a light breeze now and then.

I started out with the Patchinko 100, fanning the water from my rocky perch. Meanwhile Joe was searching the bottom, and soon hooked into a Wrasse, which looked like the biggest fish of the day. Spurred on by this, I quickly rigged up an SP, and set about the rocky depths. Plenty of taps with no hook ups, I was being teased by the smaller fish, nipping the tail of the lure, with a good few bungee fish. Managed to hook into a few, and landed 3 Wrasse, nothing of any size tho;