Saturday, 23 April 2011

3 Species & Sunburn 20-04-2011

Fished today East of Salcombe, at a deep water rough ground mark, thick with patches of weed. Fished from low on the push, spring tides, 3' surging swell and brilliant sunshine.

I was using the Nories Seabass Program 7'2 (5-12g) with a Certate 2506 loaded with YGK Gesox 0.8PE. Used various soft plastic lures, from 3" up to 4" all rigged Texas style and also a few fish caught on a small vibe metal.

The Pollack were really aggressive today. First Pollack breached the surface as I lifted the lure out of the water to cast again after a retrieve, hooking itself whilst out of the water, before taking a strong run back under. First few Pollack were all decent size, around 2lb in weight. Total number of Pollack caught today was 18.

Had 4 Wrasse as well, nothing big, but good takes. Lost another at the waters edge. Think the Pollack were intercepting the lures before the Wrasse could get a chance!

And finally my surprise third species - Taken at mid range near the bottom. The fight was different, and spirited as I reeled it in, and was not till I had it out of the water I realised I had caught my first Mackrel of the year, nice size as well. Wouldn't stop moving, managed to shake it off the hook into the water after the pic.

So a good session, 23 fish in total. Bad points were me sliding down a wet weedy gulley on my hands, feet and bum for about 10m, stopping just shy of a dunking! Luckily I had put my rod down to climb up a rock face. Few cuts and bruises but ok. Managed to get a good builders tan on my forearms, which are now glowing red! 

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